8 September, 2014 ideahouse

Seeing Red!

rd 002

A visit to Breda and the city was a wash with the Red Head days, as the title suggests a celebration of Red Hair, lasting three days, it attracts participants from across the globe. On-going at the same time was Breda Photo 2014, an international photo exhibition, held in diverse locations throughout the city. The set of images featured are from Chasse Park XL. The location lent itself to the scale of this presentation. One word – stunning!.

Finally,the shopping centre De Barones is currently under going a major transformation,the proposals look interesting but internally the constant message, covering empty units, can become a little repetitious.

Extras – a few random images that capture the spirit of Breda.


rd 004

rd 005

rd 006

rd 007

rd 008

rd 009

rd 010

rd 011

rd 012

rd 013

rd 014

rd 015

rd 016

rd 017

rd 018

rd 019

rd 019a

rd 020

rd 021

rd 022

rd 023

rd 024

rd 025

rd 026

rd 026a

rd 028

rd 029

rd 030

rd 031

rd 033

rd 034

rd 035

rd 036

rd 037

rd 038

rd 039

rd 040

rd 041

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