23 December, 2015 ideahouse

Best of 2015

Having visited numerous events and locations during 2015, for me the star was #unexpected, #global, #diverse, #challenging, #Banksy, #Dismal.

Found not in some high profile key location, but in Weston Super Mare, a seaside resort close to Bristol. Selected by Banksy as the location, a place he visited as a child, for Dismaland, showcasing streetart and installations in a former leisure complex. Apart from the way the space was used, the way social media and global media was used, drawn onboard, achieving the message of Dismaland. A tone that reflected the state of 2015. Non corporate, accessible, if you dared getting past the dismal staff in high viz jackets, random and more importantly thought provoking. What a show!

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Experience value: 10